Nothing tastes good in a plastic cup. Glassware, silverware and china are always best.

Hire one bartender per 50 guests. No one likes to wait in line for a drink!

For holiday parties, I wire seeded eucalyptus in my dining room chandelier – it’s a great look and smells divine.

Potted Herbs are a great year round solution to flowers on the fly. Add a little mood moss to the base of the plant and you’ve got a stylish little something for the table.

Tips and Rules to Live By For Everyday Entertaining

I love a dramatic flower or leaf – such as an elephant ear – in a clear cylinder vase. Also, consider filling glass cylinders with fruit such as lemons, oranges or kumquats in season.

Floor length table cloth linens soften any table at any occasion.

Mix and match china, silverware and chairs. An ecelectic grouping lightens the mood.

Consider having your servers in a simple “uniform” with a black bistro style apron.

Consider handwritten invitations for smaller events – there’s nothing more personal!

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