Simple Arrangements

Simple Arrangements

Last-Minute Ideas for Any Occasion

When planning for guests, flowers can make the table, but they often come behind food on the priority list. Here are a few solutions for simple centerpieces that take no time at all:

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    Purchase three bunches of tulips (all in the same color). Place them together in an opaque, water-proof pot or vase that’s 5”-7” tall. (Opaque hides the stems!) The rule of thumb is that the flowers should be 20% higher than the top of the vessel. If you have a larger table, make several of these arrangements to add volume. Monochromatic flowers are key to the success of this look

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    Fill a large pot or cachepot with 3 potted orchids (again, in the same color scheme), covering the base with fresh sheet moss (available from floral wholesalers, florists or online). This dramatic arrangement will last up to a month if you give the orchids a little sunlight and ½ cup of water each week. (Be sure to drain after watering – roots cannot stay wet, or they will rot.) If you cannot locate sheet moss, Spanish moss from a craft store (or your back yard) will also do in a pinch.

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